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What do you mean when you say “church”?

It has been interesting to realize, once again, how true it is that words have specific meanings, yet depending on

Local Partners

Search Party is working to catalyze discipleship movements among the unreached (see basic definitions of what we mean by this

Four Fields Intensive Training

For anyone in Europe interested in learning to evangelize, make disciples, plant churches, and teach others to do the same,

November 24-25 Gospel Conversations Training

We are excited to see how God will use each of us to extend his Kingdom! Come join with us

Level 1 Training

In Luke 10, Jesus sent out his disciples, and the first thing that Jesus tells them to do as they

Step 1 in Implementing the Great Commission Pipeline

I previously wrote a post on the overall idea of Building a Great Commission Pipeline, but now we want to

Training Disciple-Makers

There are a couple of different types of training options that we offer to people that we connect with.  These

Fire Starters

While it is a difficult metaphor given the global news about wildfires recently, I think it is probably the most

Five Levels of Leadership

John Maxwell has done quite a lot to develop coaching related to leadership.  If you search for five levels of