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Level 1 Training

In Luke 10, Jesus sent out his disciples, and the first thing that Jesus tells them to do as they

Step 1 in Implementing the Great Commission Pipeline

I previously wrote a post on the overall idea of Building a Great Commission Pipeline, but now we want to

Training Disciple-Makers

There are a couple of different types of training options that we offer to people that we connect with.  These

Fire Starters

While it is a difficult metaphor given the global news about wildfires recently, I think it is probably the most

Five Levels of Leadership

John Maxwell has done quite a lot to develop coaching related to leadership.  If you search for five levels of

Building a Great Commission Pipeline

There was a funny commercial a few years back from a company called EDS.  They showed a group of men

Hello World!

Search Party works with local partners to train and assist people who desire to fully become followers of Jesus.  By