Working 2×2

Let’s look at how Jesus taught his disciples to work in their disciple-making and church planting efforts, and then see how they implemented this within the book of Acts:

  • Divide into small groups and each group read one of the following passages:
    • Luke 10:1-11
    • Mark 6:6-13
    • Acts 12:25 – 13:3
    • Acts 3:1-10
    • Acts 4:5-17
  • Write down your answer these questions together and report back to the group:
    • What happened in the story?
    • Does there seem to be a purpose that the disciples went out 2 x 2?
    • How did they go out? What resources did they have?
    • In what way was this organization helpful to the disciples?
    • In what way would this be helpful to us today?