Working with the unreached as immigrants in another country can have many challenges. You are working within one host culture with its own language, culture, and spiritual beliefs, all of which are foreign to you, while also trying to understand how to reach the immigrants, who are also foreign to you as well as that of the host culture.

However, we must dedicate time to understand, as well as we can, the people that we are working with and we should start with the host country – in this case, Italy.

Geography and Culture

There is so much to know, so we are only presenting bite-sized bits of information. These bits may seem whimsical at times, such as this first video, but they are intended to give you initial information that will, over time, lead to greater depth of understanding. Let’s start here:

You should also take time to read through the Wikipedia page for Italy here:

Spiritual Overview

Let’s get a picture of the spiritual realities of Italy:


Italy is primarily adherent to Catholocism, although locally, for individual people, there can be many different beliefs that are mixed within the Catholic doctrines. The following section provides more information on Catholocism.

Warning: The video moves very quickly, so you may be interested in reading the transcript instead or working through the study guide to help guide yourself through the torrent of information that is presented!

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