Parable of the Sower Assignment

In this course, we will seek to both learn and to take action on the things that we have learned. Each lesson will be followed by an assignment that you and each member of your group must complete before the next meeting.

Here is your assignment for this introductory lesson:

First, read Mark 4:26-29 again at home and rewatch the video describing the Four Fields.

Next, pray and ask God whom he would like you to share the Four Fields. Set an appointment to meet with that person.

When you meet together, do not show them the video, but instead, read Mark 4:26-29 together and explain the parable using the Four Fields illustration on a piece of paper. Ask them also how they could put this parable into action and ask them to also share the parable and the illustration with someone else.

When you return back to the group, be ready to share about your experience in teaching the other person!