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Search Party uses a process called the Four Fields as a framework for entering new communities, sharing the Gospel, making disciples, starting churches, and developing leaders. We believe that this is a pattern that Jesus taught and that the apostle Paul also put into practice in his church planting efforts. Here is a video that […]

Search Party uses a process called the Four Fields to help us, and those that we train, to think about our steps through a process to share the Gospel, make disciples, start new churches, and raise up new leaders who will do the same. Here is a video that shows this process along with the […]

A Generation Map is a great tool to help us get started, thinking about who we can pray for and share with as we make disciples. Here is the video and its script, showing us how to get started making our own Generation Map. Welcome back to the Disciple-Making Training Sessions.  In this session, we […]

There are several different tools that we use for different types of purposes and in different situations. Let’s walk through these one step at a time, starting with the big picture and then working into the details. First, overall, we are trying to see the Great Commission Pipeline become a reality. You can see more […]

Some of the tools that we use as a team can be packaged together into a single training. One of those packages is referred to as the 4-1-1. Within one training of the 4-1-1, you learn many of the basic Gospel conversation tools that we use including the Generation Map, the 15-Second Testimony, and the […]