Workers for the Harvest

The Search Party team routinely prays for workers to enter the harvest field, as Jesus told his disciples to do

Imitating Christ in His Afflictions for the Body of Christ

Jesus suffered for his people so that he could offer them eternal life. He humbled himself to become a man

Summer 2022 Internships

The Search Party team is taking applications for internships.  If you would like to learn more about working with refugees,

Am I Good Soil?

I have frequently heard people speak about the parable that Jesus told, recorded in Matthew 13 and Mark 4, about

Sowing Seed Broadly

Jesus’s disciples asked him why he taught the people in parables instead of speaking to them directly and in a

Remain in Me

A few years ago, we met together as a team on a retreat outside of our city. A friend came

Online Training

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with pastors from several different countries who have been interested to learn more

From Babel to the Throne

Have you ever met someone in a public place and they needed some information, maybe the location of an item

One Sows Seed, Another One Waters

Over the last few weeks, a man from Mali was routinely coming by the Help Center with a bike asking

For His Glory

This is the third lesson in a series on the mission of God. I started previously with a series of