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Discipleship Tools

Search Party uses a process called the Four Fields as a framework for entering new communities, sharing the Gospel, making

The Four Fields

Search Party uses a process called the Four Fields to help us, and those that we train, to think about

3/3rds Groups

The Search Party team uses 3/3rds Groups for discipleship of both those who believe in Jesus (Green Light), as well

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light

When we share our testimony or share the Gospel, there are several different types of reactions that others may have.

15-Second Testimony

Our testimonies are powerful because they speak to the work that God has done within us. They are an important

Search Party Disciple-Making Tools

There are several different tools that we use for different types of purposes and in different situations. Let’s walk through

The 4-1-1

Some of the tools that we use as a team can be packaged together into a single training. One of

The Three Circles

As a team, we have looked for a simple way to be able to explain the Gospel, the good news