November 6, 2023

Long-Term Team Members in Rome

Ryan Hale

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We are looking for more workers in several parts of Italy to reach out to the unreached who have come to Europe. Is God calling you to do this work? Connect with us to learn more about how you could work with our team.

The Search Party Team in Rome has established a center in the downtown area of Rome called Centro Agape. We are recruiting workers to work in Centro Agape to work as part of the Search Party team.

Our Vision

Centro Agape takes its name from the Greek word “Agape” meaning the committed and covenant love of God for his people. We are driven by Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 knowing that the Lord Jesus has died for all so that we might not live for ourselves but for him in all we do.

Centro Agape works to reach the various populations of immigrants and Italians in Rome through disciple-making, church planting, Italian and English language courses and community connecting events that seek to use the gifts of the local churches with whom we partner.

Our church “Agape Internazionale” is connected with the Bridge house church network in New York City. Search Party has a daily working relationship with the International Project Rome team and ministry goals and positions are shared between the two ministry groups. We have started our own network of simple church leaders in Rome with the goal of starting at least one new church in every municipality of the city.

Centro Agape is also committed to training young adults and churches in the practice of mission and church planting. Through our partnership with local Italian churches and American churches and universities we seek to build up new missional leaders and missionaries to reach the continent of Europe and the world going forward. We do this through hosting short-term missional training weeks and through our summer and 9 month internship programs. 

Ministry Roles

Short-Term / Intern / Missional Training Coordinator


  1. Organize and structure the short-term trips, internships and missional training weeks in Rome 
  2. Regularly communicate with and maintain strong relationships with American, Italian and other European churches, universities, and organizations that send participants to Rome
  3. Conduct interviews and leading training of individuals participating in on site trips. 
  4. Promote short-term trips, internships and missional training weeks in Rome on social media and through in-person visits with partnering churches and organizations

Required Competencies

  1. Communication (including cross-cultural communication) and project management skills
  2. Promotional and recruiting skills and familiarity with Social Media
  3. Willingness to maintain and develop relationships with partnering organizations including through on-site meetings 

International Student Outreach and Discipleship Leader


  1. Make regular visits to the universities of Rome to evangelize and disciple international English speaking students
  2. Focus on church planting among international students that plan on staying in Italy and giving disciple making tools to students to use when and if they return to their home country 
  3. Develop and create events and other points of contact with university students and leaders in the community


  1. Prior experience with college ministry or young adults preferred
  2. Ability to navigate and work with students from a wide variety of cultures and religious backgrounds
  3. Good communicative and creative thinking skills

Centro Agape English / Second Language Teacher Coordinator


  1. Design and implement English language courses to be used by small group English language leaders
  2. Regularly communicate with and advise English language volunteers 
  3. Promote and find host sites for English language conversational groups
  4. Management of Agape Link app for English language courses and follow-up with spiritually interested participants


  1. Prior teaching experience or language teaching skills
  2. Ability to oversee and guide teachers with a focus on finding spiritually interested participants
  3. Promotional and communicative skills

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