May 30, 2022

Practical Steps to Abiding in Christ

Ryan Hale

As a team, we have looked for ways that we can continue to abide in Christ, as Jesus told his disciples that they must do. We pray together several days of the week but we wanted to also have a practice that can be consistently practiced across our teams in the field, as well as among the churches that we are working with and any individuals that come to work along with us.

To do this, we have adopted an approach from the Wesleyan tradition, described in a book called Banding Together. This approach is marked by the following important principles:

  • Daily individual prayer, scripture reading, and journaling
  • Weekly meeting amongst a small group of 2-3 people for connection, accountability, discussion of the work of the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

It is important to understand that the weekly meeting is not intended to be a Bible study. Instead, it is intended to be a point of connection amongst the people that are reading the Word of God and praying on a daily basis.

Here is an example of what you can do in your individual daily times of prayer and scripture reading:

Daily Time With God

Step 1: Pause

Spend a few moments in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your reading of the Bible. Read with an open heart and listen for any words of direction, encouragement, or correction.

Step 2: Read

Go over the reading plan and read the chapters of the Bible listed for that day. While you read, underline or highlight any words, phrases, or verses that you sense God is speaking to you about.

Step 3: Write

Turn to a fresh page in your journal, write the date and page number at the top and then go through the SOAPS process of journaling to reflect your thoughts.

  • Scripture – Write out the verse or passage of Scripture that the Holy Spirit has shown you for that day, including the reference.
  • Observation – Look at the surrounding context of the verse you selected and write down any observations. Try to explain the passage in your own words.
  • Application – Ask how this verse might apply to your life. What is God calling you to do or to remember as a result? What is your next step and how can you be obedient?
  • Prayer – Write out a closing prayer. Use this final section to speak back to God a request or commitment.
  • Share – Look for opportunities throughout the day or week to share with others how God spoke to you through this passage. Finish your journal entry by giving it a short title at the top and then transfer the date, Scripture reference, title, and page number to the table of contents.
Step 4: Reflect

When you finish your journal entry, reflect on the accountability questions from the Discipleship Group Agenda.

Step 5: Pray

Conclude your time by praying for what you have written and for anyone you know who needs to surrender to God.

Discipleship Group Agenda

Bible Reading
  • How many days did you read the Bible this week?
  • How did you hear God speak this week?
  • Share a journal entry
  • Did you have any questions from your reading?

Pick 2-3 questions from the following list:

Prayer for Others
  • Who are you praying for this week and why?
  • Who are you praying will surrender their life to Jesus?
  • Who is someone you could start a discipleship group with in the future?

Close in prayer for these requests and for one another.

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