January 28, 2021

Field Training Course Detail

Ryan Hale

This post is intended to provide greater detail on the field-based training course that we recently announced on our website. We hope this will give you the information that you need, but please also feel free to contact our team with any additional questions or to inquire on how you can enroll in the program.

The training course consists of the following elements:

Italian language learning

Members of the course will learn Italian 5 days per week for 4 hours per day in a structured course with a small number of students in the course at the same time. The only exceptions to the language learning process will be during vacations or school closures during holidays. The course member will need to pay for this course. A budget will be provided to help in your planning process.


Course members will participate in prayer meetings or prayer walks a minimum of 5 times per week, 1 hour per day, learning to depend upon God in prayer and build a network of people to pray for the work being done among the unreached.

Gospel seed sowing

Twice per week, course members will go out to make new contacts, sharing the Gospel with people and working to start new 3/3rds Groups with both believers and non-believers.

Weekly 3/3rds Group / Church

Each week, we will meet together in a 3/3rds Group model as an expression of church.

Weekly Italian Church

Course members will be part of a local Italian church and will attend the church on a weekly basis.

City coalition training meeting

We will meet together as part of a coalition of discipleship workers on a regular basis for prayer, vision, encouragement, and discipleship skills training.

Phase 3 Site Visit

In the final 3 months of the course, each of the course members will visit the location where they will begin their field work. They will visit their host church, visit various parts of city where they may work, get a feel for where they will live, and begin the planning process to move to this new location.

Focus Meeting

Each week, the course members will have a theme to focus upon. A weekly 2-hour meeting with the school’s leadership team will provide an opportunity to focus on the week’s theme through study and discussion. Below are the weekly themes that the course members will study. You can also go see all of the detail of the course itself.

1Introduction, Documents, Logistics
2Working 2×2, 1-3-9 Multiplication
3Four Fields, Generation Map, Three Circles, 15-Second Testimony
4God’s Heart for All Nations, Local Partners
5Living in a Foreign Culture, Disciple Tools Tracking
6Persons of Peace
7Abiding in Christ
8Surrendering Our Rights
9Perseverance in the face of adversity
10The Role of Persecution and Suffering
11Reproducing Leaders (MAWL)
12Local CPM Strategies – Ministry presentation
13Week of rest, reflection, and prayer
15Geography and Culture:  Italy
16Current Situation: Migration to Europe
17Geography and Culture: West Africa
18Geography and Culture: East Africa
19Geography and Culture: North Africa
20Geography and Culture: South Asia
21Introduction to Islam – part 1
Answers to common Muslim questions
22Introduction to Islam – part 2
Answers to common Muslim questions
23Introduction to Islam – part 3
Answers to common Muslim questions
24Introduction to Islam – part 4
Answers to common Muslim questions
25Introduction to Islam – part 5
Answers to common Muslim questions
26Introduction to Islam – part 6
Answers to common Muslim questions
27Week of rest, reflection, and prayer
29Local CPM Strategies – Ministry presentation
30Reproducible church formation
31Basic discipleship leading to church:  Repent and Believe
32Basic discipleship leading to church:  Baptism
33Basic discipleship leading to church:  Love
34Basic discipleship leading to church: Make Disciples
35Basic discipleship leading to church:  Prayer
36Basic discipleship leading to church:  Lord’s Supper
37Lessons from the early church: The Holy Spirit
38Lessons from the early church: The Word of God
39Lessons from the early church: Worship
40Lessons from the early church: Giving
41Lessons from the early church: Leadership in the church
42Creating new 3/3rds group lessons
43Field trip to new Phase 3 location
44Week of rest, reflection, and prayer
46Team formation: Spiritual gifts inventory
47Team formation: StrengthsFinder personality themes
48Team formation: Working with Local Partners
49Your explanation for being in-country, Contingency planning
50Local CPM Strategies – Ministry presentation
51Q&A, Prayer, Prepare to move to Phase 3 location
52Q&A, Prayer, Prepare to move to Phase 3 location

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