April 2, 2020

Food for Southern Italy

Ryan Hale

Italy is experiencing a crisis within a crisis at this time. As a result of the Covid-19 Coronavirus quarantine and the government order to stay at home, many people are unable to go out to work and support their families. Making it worse, because much of the work is done in a cash economy, government assistance will never reach these people as they are neither registered as employed nor unemployed. You can see more on what is happening in this video:

Search Party has a close relationship with multiple Italian churches who are able to distribute food in this time of need. We will distribute food alongside of them, supporting both refugees and immigrants as well as Italians during this remaining time of quarantine.

You can donate directly to this effort on the Search Party donation page. Make sure to select Support Southern Italy in the Account drop-down menu.

Thank you for standing with us, showing the love of Jesus in a very tangible and practical way!

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