Long-Term Worker Information

As a long-term worker living overseas, you are about to receive quite a few new lessons. Many of the things that you know about living life in the day-to-day will change as you move overseas, and you will find yourself learning even the simplest things anew. That is a normal part of the process.

Below, we are including information on several practical points of moving overseas. These are things that we have learned – either the easy way, or the hard way – through experience. Hopefully these will be helpful to you as well!

Search Party, of course, is not in the business of providing legal advice, nor are we promoting certain products or services. Instead, we are simply trying to help give practical information to help you through the process as you make your move overseas.

If you have other topics that you would like to see information on, or you have additional questions for clarification, feel free to send a note to your Search Party supervisor and we’ll try to address those topics or questions for you.

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