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Search Party is seeking partners who have a vision for making disciples, reaching entire communities with the Gospel, reproducing followers of Jesus using a Media to Movement strategy.

What is Media to Movement?

Using Facebook, YouTube, or other social media that is being used by the communities you are trying to reach, we will reach people using an online delivery of the Gospel, following up offline with contacts that we have made online using a Disciple-Making Movement strategy.

Why should I partner with Search Party in this effort?

Search Party will support you in the following ways:

  • Provide social media accounts and funds to be used for placing advertisements in an effort to find spiritually hungry people
  • Provide tools to create multimedia advertisements
  • Tools and analysis to track the effectiveness of each of advertisements that you create
  • Recruit responders and offline disciple-makers to connect with the contacts that your ads will make
  • Facilitate networking and communication among other marketers and disciple-makers within the coalition
  • Provide training to show how you can work in each of the areas listed above

What is your role in the partnership?

As a Marketer, your responsibilities include:

Coordinate with Mobilizer / Funder to develop persona documents for each target people group – Along with Search Party or the Mobilizer you are working with, you will help develop a documented profile, known as a persona, for the group of people that you are targeting with your marketing.  These documents are designed to help inform the advertisements that you will develop and the personnel needs for disciple-makers in the locations where you will run your advertising campaigns.

Create video or images to use within advertising – You will be responsible to create video and images that will be used within the campaigns.  Search Party will provide access to the tools to create this media and you will be the person who creates the media.

Create advertisements and posts to place on Facebook, YouTube, or other social media – Once the media is created, you will create any needed posts and place the ads using the accounts provided by Search Party or your Mobilizer and the advertising tools available for that individual platform.

Create landing pages to receive links from advertisements – Each ad will link to a landing page.  You will create the landing page along with its media and message for each campaign. 

Store created content within a central repository for use by others – All of the media and content that you create will be available to others, either exactly as you have created it or to be translated into other languages to reach other groups of people.  Search Party will provide a repository for storing your content and you will place each ad and its media within the repository.

Coordinate with Mobilizer / Funder to schedule and release advertisements – Each of the ads that you create will be in coordination with the availability of responders and disciple-makers so that we always have people ready to respond and disciple those who are interested in learning more about Jesus.  As a result, you will need to coordinate the release of the advertisements on each social media platform with Search Party or your Mobilizer.

Provide regular updates to your Mobilizer and receive training from the Mobilizer or others they designate – We want to stay in touch with you!  After you complete your initial training, we will set up regular meetings for you to meet together with your Mobilizer.  Your Mobilizer may also set up trainings to help refine your skills or learn new ones to help you in your role, so you will need to attend these meetings as well.

Core Theological Beliefs

We recognize that there may be some differences in theology among those working together in partnership as part of this coalition.  We believe that certain differences may be acceptable while other differences may not.  For the purposes of this partnership, we will use the Lausanne Covenant and its interpretation and theology of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures will be at the core of our theological understanding.  We will also agree that differences in theology that are not discussed within the Lausanne Covenant will not be considered theological differences for which we will divide.

You can read the Lausanne Covenant here:


All organizations and partnerships have a certain set of values that help define their culture.  The values of our coalition and partnership are outlined on this page.

For a complete agreement that you can print and sign please go to this document.

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