Mission of God

In this moment, according to the UN, there are more than 20 million refugees who have been displaced from their home and who find themselves in another country looking for refuge. Beyond this, there are another 48 million people that have been displaced from their homes, but are still living inside of their own home […]

This is the third lesson in a series on the mission of God. I started previously with a series of thoughts initially on the image of God filling the earth and then wrote the lesson itself over on the Search Party site. From there, we moved on to underline the idea that God’s mission should […]

Last week, we started a new study on the mission of God, considering how God originally made man in his own image and commanded them to spread out across the face of the earth. We contrasted this with the Great Commission in Matthew 28 and asked the question: Has God’s mission changed? What do we […]

In several of our trainings this week, and even also in a meeting with a non-believer who was curious about this idea, we talked about the fact that God is on a mission. We said that, if we know what mission God is pursuing, then that should make a significant difference in what we do, […]