Media to Movement

Search Party is expanding its strategy to find people where they are, presenting the Gospel and teaching them to follow Jesus. Today, large numbers of people are online, spending a significant amount of time on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms where they can engage with friends socially, sharing their lives and their ideas with others, but also receiving ideas from others and interacting with new people.

Around the world today, people from unreached people groups are learning about Jesus for the first time online. From the privacy of their own phone or computer, they can have greater freedom to learn and engage with the Gospel, learning to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This idea is much greater than simply posting messages about Jesus online. Instead, our goal is to collaborate between the online and offline worlds, helping new online contacts move the relationship offline with our local disciple-makers that we have trained to lead others to follow Jesus, and even teach them to do the same.

We are now recruiting for workers to be part of the Media to Movement work and are making partnerships in multiple roles in English, Italiano, and Français.

We are also continually developing an online presence in each of these languages:

Come Follow Me (English)Facebook PageWebsiteYouTube Channel
Vieni e Seguimi (Italiano)Facebook PageWebsiteYouTube Channel
Viens et Suis-moi (Français)Facebook PageWebsiteYouTube Channel

In addition, we plan to place ads on social media sites in an effort to present the Gospel to as many of the immigrants and refugees as possible, so if you would like to help this project by supporting this Media to Movement project, please head over to the donation page!

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