Mobilizer / Funder (English)

Search Party is seeking partners who are interested in reaching cities and entire communities with the Gospel, making disciples using a Media to Movement strategy.

What is Media to Movement?

Using Facebook, YouTube, or other social media that is being used by the communities you are trying to reach, we will reach people using an online delivery of the Gospel, following up offline with contacts that we have made online using a Disciple-Making Movement strategy.

Why should I partner with Search Party in this effort?

Search Party will support you in the following ways:

  • Hosting for your WordPress website
  • Tracking tools for your contacts made online and their progress in becoming a disciple off-line
  • Training in each of the following areas:
    • How to get started advertising on social media
    • How to create online content to reach your target audience
    • Basics of reproducing disciples for your Disciple-Makers
      • Sharing the Gospel and Your Testimony
      • How to get started in discipling someone
      • How to lead a group toward following Jesus
    • How to analyze your group’s progress in finding contacts and moving them into discipleship relationships offline
  • Facilitate networking and communication among partners within the coalition
  • Facilitate coaching for disciple-making strategies using online tools
  • Provide training to show how you can work in each of the areas listed above

In addition, as our coalition of Media to Movement partners grows, our vision is to find particularly effective Marketers, Responders, Dispatchers, and Disciple-Makers who can work between the various partners within the coalition.  Please pray that God will raise up more workers for the harvest fields!

What is your role in the partnership?

As a Mobilizer and Funder, your responsibilities include:

Recruit people to work within the other roles – Instead of trying to do all of the work ourselves, we want to work as a team with others.  Especially if you are not culturally or linguistically the same as or close to the people that you are trying to reach, a significant part of your role will be to recruit others to be part of the work through one of the other roles, as a Marketer, a Responder, a Dispatcher, or a Disciple-Maker.

Raise and provide funds for advertising to marketers – While fundraising may not always be the most fun part of the work, Facebook and Google will not let you run ads for free.  Someone must go and figure out how to find the money to purchase these ads so that the message can go out.  That someone is you!

Train and encourage your team, remove obstacles – You will be carrying the vision for your team members within the coalition.  As a result, they need your encouragement and support, discipling, training, and equipping them for the work that they are doing.  In addition, as obstacles arise, you will be the person that they come to so that problems can be resolved and you will help remove or smooth over those issues for your team.

Analyze data and communicate with team members to determine what is working, what is not working, and what may need to be improved – Using tools provided by Search Party as well as in collaboration with your team members, you will see those areas that are going well and those that are not and consider ways to improve your advertising and disciple-making strategies.

Provide regular updates to Search Party for the progress that your team is making – We want to stay in touch with you!  After you complete your initial training, we will set up regular meetings for you to meet together with you.  Search Party will also provide trainings that we will offer to you and your team.

Core Theological Beliefs

We recognize that there may be some differences in theology among those working together in partnership as part of this coalition.  We believe that certain differences may be acceptable while other differences may not.  For the purposes of this partnership, we will use the Lausanne Covenant and its interpretation and theology of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures will be at the core of our theological understanding.  We will also agree that differences in theology that are not discussed within the Lausanne Covenant will not be considered theological differences for which we will divide.

You can read the Lausanne Covenant here:


All organizations and partnerships have a certain set of values that help define their culture.  The values of our coalition and partnership are outlined on this page.


There are two financial components required to participate within the Media to Movement partnership.

Annual contribution – Each year, you will need to contribute €500 to the partnership.  This will help cover the costs of web hosting and tools as well as a donation to a coach who will help give advice to the coalition.

Advertisement purchases – As you run advertisements, you will manage the payments for your advertisements to Facebook, YouTube, Google, or other platforms.

For the complete agreement that you can print and sign, please go to this document.

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