December 12, 2018

Training Disciple-Makers

Ryan Hale

There are a couple of different types of training options that we offer to people that we connect with.  These trainings are intended to ultimately help us find those who are faithful and obedient to what the scriptures teach us all to do.  The outcome that we hope for from each training is to find a disciple-making team of a few people – leaders, based on what they do with what they have learned – so that we can begin to move forward with those people after the training.  They will, in turn, continue to learn to make disciples as Jesus taught us.

In Living Color

In a live training, we will bring at least one person, but likely a small group of people who will help train those who will be part of the initial training.  The content of the training includes:

  • Our identity in Christ – we want to understand who we are and who we are and who we are made to be.
  • A God-sized vision – In Romans 15:23, Paul referred to the area where he had been working saying that there wasn’t any place left for him to work.  Can we imagine a scenario where that can happen in our city?
  • Starting Gospel conversations – We will teach how you can share your own story of faith with others, how to share God’s story in a concise way, and finally, how to train others to do the same.
  • Responses to these conversations – We teach the categories of responses that you can expect and what you should do in each case.
  • How to start a discipleship process – Regardless of whether the person is now a believer or not, we will teach you how you can disciple others either to move from unbelief to following Jesus or how you can teach new believers to follow him even further.

Our desire is to have three separate training times with the group to help solidify what has been learned and help walk forward with the new leaders from the newly-formed disciple-making team.

From A Distance

If you want to get started immediately before having an in-person training, we recommend creating a group and completing a training using a website that we are affiliated with.  It is called the Zume Project and can be found at

Zume Project will take a little more time as it is a 10-lesson program, although for first-timers, you will probably only use the first 9 lessons as the 10th covers much more advanced topics.  However, it does provide additional tools for becoming a disciple for each person individually.  A complete overview of the lessons can be found on the Overview page.

You can sign up and get started immediately, completely free.  If you speak another language, or know a group that needs another language, the site and all of the videos are actively being translated into those languages.  There is additional information on the FAQ page on the website.  If you do decide to start here, we would love to continue to work with you, so please let us know!

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