Partnership Roles

The purpose of this page is to describe the various roles and responsibilities working as part of the Media to Movement coalition.  It is possible that an individual can serve in more than one role, although we encourage collaboration and teamwork to be planned for from the beginning of the process.

Mobilizer / Funder

  • Recruit people to work within the other roles.
  • Raise and provide funds for advertising to marketers
  • Track progress, train and encourage team, remove obstacles
  • Analyze data and communicate with team members to determine what is working, what is not working, and what may need to be improved.


  • Coordinate with Mobilizer / Funder to develop persona documents for each type of person targeted.
  • Create video or images to use within advertising
  • Create advertisements and posts to place on Facebook, YouTube, or other social media
  • Create landing pages to receive links from advertisements
  • Store created content within a central repository for use by others
  • Coordinate with Mobilizer / Funder to schedule and release advertisements


  • Receive and respond to messages through Facebook Messenger.
  • Answer questions and guide seekers through their online discipleship process, discreetly encouraging them to meet with disciple-makers at appropriate times.
  • Enter seekers into the Disciple Tools database.


  • Track all contacts entered into Disciple Tools by Responders
  • Assign contacts to a Disciple-Makers within Disciple Tools
  • Follow up with Disciple-Makers for confirmation of contact, progress updates, stories, etc.
  • Report anecdotal updates to other teammates within the coalition


  • Receive contacts from Dispatcher through Disciple Tools
  • Meet with contacts to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, and help contacts learn to follow Jesus using a Disciple-Making Movement discipleship process
  • Communicate with your Dispatcher and enter all contact updates into Disciple Tools

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