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What is My Role in the End Times?

Over the last several months, especially during the time of the pandemic starting in early 2020, and even more as

Workers for the Harvest

The Search Party team routinely prays for workers to enter the harvest field, as Jesus told his disciples to do

Summer 2022 Internships

The Search Party team is taking applications for internships.  If you would like to learn more about working with refugees,

Online Training

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with pastors from several different countries who have been interested to learn more

New Believer Lessons Online

We have been working on developing a set of basic discipleship lessons for new believers online. We also affectionately refer

The World Has Been Crucified to Me

I had a good meeting yesterday in the park with my friend. He was baptized last summer and we continue

Field Training Course Detail

This post is intended to provide greater detail on the field-based training course that we recently announced on our website.

Field Training Course

Search Party has developed a field-based training course to be completed over the course of one year in Catania on

NoPlaceLeft Virtual Summit

Search Party is hosting a stream for the NoPlaceLeft virtual summit. This page is for Day 1 on May 6th.