Category: Making Disciples

Practical Steps to Abiding in Christ

As a team, we have looked for ways that we can continue to abide in Christ, as Jesus told his

The Baptism Discussion

Over the last few years, I have found that one of the most spirited discussions that I could have with

A Strange Type of Evangelism

In Luke 10, we see Jesus send out his disciples. Very often, we find that Jesus does his ministry work

Imitating Christ in His Afflictions for the Body of Christ

Jesus suffered for his people so that he could offer them eternal life. He humbled himself to become a man

Am I Good Soil?

I have frequently heard people speak about the parable that Jesus told, recorded in Matthew 13 and Mark 4, about

Sowing Seed Broadly

Jesus’s disciples asked him why he taught the people in parables instead of speaking to them directly and in a

Remain in Me

A few years ago, we met together as a team on a retreat outside of our city. A friend came